Guangdong International Circuit

Circuit Information
  • Circuit Name: Guangdong International Circuit
  • Circuit Class: FIA-3
  • Circuit Length: 2.82KM
  • Circuit Number of Corners: 13
  • Circuit Address: Guangdong International Circuit, Dawang Avenue, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China
  • The Fastest Lap Time Record: 01:17.082
  • The Racer Holds the Fastest Lap Time Record: Chen Bing Xiong
  • The Car Holds the Fastest Lap Time Record: Audi R8 LMS CUP
  • The Race Holds the Fastest Lap Time Record: GIC-Touring-Car-Open

Circuit Overview

The Guangdong International Circuit (GIC) is a renowned racing circuit situated in the city of Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China. With its state-of-the-art facilities and challenging track layout, the GIC has become a hub for racing enthusiasts and a popular destination for motorsport events.

Track Layout and Features

Spanning over 3.7 kilometers, the GIC boasts a dynamic and technically demanding track layout. The circuit features a combination of long straights, sweeping corners, and tight hairpins, providing a diverse range of challenges for drivers. The track's design ensures thrilling racing action and opportunities for overtaking, making it a favorite among both competitors and spectators.

The GIC offers a wide range of facilities to cater to the needs of racing teams and fans alike. The pit complex is equipped with modern garages, allowing teams to efficiently prepare and service their vehicles. Spectators can enjoy excellent views of the track from various grandstands strategically positioned around the circuit. Additionally, the circuit provides ample parking space and easy access for visitors.

Events and Championships

The Guangdong International Circuit has hosted numerous prestigious motorsport events and championships since its inauguration in 2012. It has become a popular venue for both national and international racing series, attracting top-tier drivers and teams from around the world.

The circuit has been a regular host for the China GT Championship, showcasing the talents of GT drivers and teams competing in various classes. The GIC has also welcomed the China Touring Car Championship, where touring car racers battle it out for supremacy on the challenging track.

In addition to these national championships, the GIC has also hosted international events, such as the Asian Le Mans Series, bringing endurance racing excitement to the circuit. These events have not only showcased the capabilities of the track but have also helped promote the region as a motorsport destination.

Future Developments

As a testament to its success, the Guangdong International Circuit has plans for further expansion and development. The circuit aims to attract more high-profile motorsport events and continue to improve its facilities to provide an enhanced experience for participants and spectators.

The GIC's commitment to promoting motorsport extends beyond the track. It actively engages with the local community by organizing outreach programs and initiatives to cultivate a new generation of racing enthusiasts. These efforts contribute to the growth of motorsport in the region and strengthen the circuit's position as a leading racing venue in China.

In conclusion, the Guangdong International Circuit has established itself as a premier racing circuit, offering challenging track conditions and top-notch facilities. With its successful history of hosting prestigious events and its dedication to the growth of motorsport, the GIC continues to attract racing enthusiasts from around the world.

On-Board Lap Video

  • Guangdong international circuit Nissan Tiida TMC Rob Huff 01:31.072 car video
  • Guangdong international circuit Mercedes AMG GT4 Dan Wells 01:21.090 car video
  • Guangdong international circuit 2020 Honda GK5 01:31.000 car video

Guangdong International Circuit Podiums

Year Round Racer Class Racing Series Ranking Racers Racing Team Race Car Class Race Car Model
2021 GIC Super Track Festival R1 - Race 1 Boosting Group C LET'S RACE Champion Yang Yu Guangdong Leo Below 2.1L Volkswagen GTI
2021 GIC Super Track Festival R1 - Race 1 Boosting Group C LET'S RACE Runner-up Wang Jun Yao MP BAZL TCR SEAT Cupra TCR
2021 GIC Super Track Festival R1 - Race 1 Boosting Group C LET'S RACE Third place Zhong Wei Bin MST racing Below 2.1L Volkswagen GOLF R20
2021 GIC Super Track Festival R1 - Race 1 Boosting Group D LET'S RACE Champion Fan Guo Ping Lu Fang Racing Below 2.1L MINI Cooper S
2021 GIC Super Track Festival R1 - Race 1 Boosting Group D LET'S RACE Runner-up Liang Xue Bin STARCARS RACING Below 2.1L Nissan Tiida