China Endurance Championship

Series Overview

China Endurance Championship (CEC), abbreviated as CEC, is approved by the General Administration of Sport of China and the China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation (CAMSF), included in the annual National Sports Competition Program and the CAMSF calendar, and registered with the FIA, and it is the only endurance championship for automotive track racing in China.

As the first top-level endurance race in China, the China Endurance Championship has both high-level prototypes and GT cars as well as popular production cars. Such a setup ensures the spectacle of the race and achieves the purpose of universal participation and sharing the fun of racing.

China Endurance Championship 2024 Season Calendar

5.24 - 5.26 | Chengdu Tianfu International Circuit (Southwest Region)

6.28 - 6.30 | Yinchuan International Circuit (North China)

7.26 - 7.28 | Xinzheng Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Circuit (North China)

8.30 - 9.01 | Guangxi International Circuit (South China)

10.11 - 10.13 | Shanghai International Circuit (East China)

Racing Teams Participate in China Endurance Championship

Racers Participate in China Endurance Championship

Podiums for Racers & Racing Teams in China Endurance Championship