F1 Miami Grand Prix

Series Overview

The F1 Miami Grand Prix is a relatively new addition to the Formula 1 calendar, epitomizing the sport's expansion into new and vibrant markets. Hosted in Miami, Florida, the event takes place around the Miami International Autodrome, specifically designed for the Grand Prix and situated around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. This location offers a spectacular urban backdrop that combines the allure of Miami's dynamic cityscape with the intensity of Formula 1 racing.

The Miami Grand Prix circuit, introduced in 2022, features a layout that stretches over 5.41 kilometers with 19 corners, blending high-speed stretches and tight turns to challenge the drivers and excite the spectators. The track layout encourages overtaking and competitive racing, providing a thrilling experience for both drivers and fans. This track also includes sections that mimic the high-speed nature and technical demands of traditional European circuits, while infusing local elements that highlight Miami’s vibrant culture and scenery.

The event quickly became a highlight on the F1 schedule, attracting a diverse audience that includes celebrities, motorsport enthusiasts, and new fans drawn by the glamour and excitement of Formula 1. The Miami Grand Prix not only delivers thrilling races but also enhances the global appeal of Formula 1, blending top-tier motorsport action with the unique cultural and festive atmosphere of Miami.

Racing Circuits that Host F1 Miami Grand Prix

Racing Teams Participate in F1 Miami Grand Prix

Racers Participate in F1 Miami Grand Prix

Podiums for Racers & Racing Teams in F1 Miami Grand Prix

Year Racing Circuit Round Racer Class Ranking Racers Racing Team Race Car Class Race Car Model
2024 Miami International Autodrome F1 Champion Lando Norris McLaren Mercedes Formula McLaren MCL38
2024 Miami International Autodrome F1 Runner-up Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT Formula Honda RB20
2024 Miami International Autodrome F1 Third place Charles Leclerc Ferrari Formula Ferrari SF-24