[About Us]

51GT3.COM is the biggest motorsport web portal in Asia. We started this website because we are a team of professional racing enthusiasts who are dedicated to making the whole race car trading process as smooth and easy as possible.

Every year in the past, the used race car selling process was very frustrating and annoying. The only way to sell race cars back then was to keep sending out messages to various group chats, which was very inefficient, irritating, and inconvenient.

We hope that through the establishment of this website, other racing enthusiasts like us can smoothly and conveniently trade their beloved race cars to people who need and appreciate them. In this way, people outside the racing circle can easily and quickly find the race cars they need and join the growing racing field as soon as possible.

Later on, we found that it was very difficult for people to look up racing track maps, racing team information, and driver information, so we took the time to build the very first racing lap database in Asia. We have sorted through and organized all the lap speed and track information which will be convenient for you to acquire at any time.

This is a free website. The staff members are all part-time to do all the website maintenance, so please don’t have any high expectations on features like customer service hotlines. There will be no such service.

The duties of the site administrator include:
1. All information is 100% reviewed. Unverified information will be deleted;
2. The mobile phone numbers of people who publish information will be verified to ensure that the information publisher can be found (For the English website, since we don’t have a solid SMS verification vendor worldwide, we will accept and verify your selling post through email.);
3. All responses will be 100% reviewed to ensure that no one will be harassed;
4. For all behaviors that violate the rules of the website, once verified, the account will be blocked and the information will be deleted;
5. We will update the latest race results, racing team and driver information in a timely manner. All data are sourced from official results of FIA/SRO-approved races.

About Advertising and Sponsorship: The purpose of this website is to help friends who love racing. Profit is not the purpose, so no advertising or sponsorship will be accepted.

If you find this website resourceful and enjoy using it, please recommend it to a friend or two. It will be our greatest support and recognition from you.

If you find any problems with the website, please click the "Feedback" button in the lower right corner to inform the administrator in time. The administrator will deal with it as soon as possible after receiving your feedback.