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51GT3.com is a free website created to help racing enthusiasts enter the auto racing community

3 years ago, the original intention of establishing 51GT3.com was because the webmaster himself was an experienced racing enthusiast and he knew how frustrating and annoying the whole process of selling used race cars can be. The only way to sell race cars back then was to keep sending out messages in various group chats and making our friends share our car listings to others. In an age where Information technology is so advanced, this kind of approach is definitely outdated. Through the establishment of this website, we aim to assure other racing enthusiasts like us of trading their beloved race cars effortlessly to people who need and appreciate them. Meanwhile, those who have not yet set their foot in the racing world can find their first race cars quick and easy, joining the rest of us to expand China?s auto racing community.

Later, we realized that it was very difficult for racing enthusiasts to look up circuit maps, and racing team/driver information. It was even more difficult for international enthusiasts to get to know the auto racing community in China. Our webmaster took the time to build the 51GT3.com database of organized information on all lap time records and racing circuits so that racing enthusiasts could check it at any time.

After 3 years of development, 51GT3.com has become not only where the majority of racing teams in China sell their used race cars, but also the preferred website for both domestic and international racing enthusiasts to look up racing series schedules and drivers' results. On Google, you will surprisingly find that whether you are searching for information on used race cars of big-name manufacturers, or racing series/racing teams/drivers, 51GT3.com is always the highest-ranked website recommended by Google. In 2023, we also launched 51GT3.CN (a racing event registration platform) to make organizing racing events and activities even easier and more convenient.

Basic Operation Principles of 51GT3.com


All racing teams and individuals can post their race car listings for free. We do not charge any fee for posting.


All race results and lap time data on the website are only from the official race results published by the CAC and FIA. In order to ensure the absolute fairness and accuracy of the data, we do not accept any personal submissions. All those who have information posted are verified and 100% trackable by their cell phone numbers or email addresses.


All users' personal information is strictly secured and protected by technical means from being crawled by search engines or any other untrusted parties. We have zero tolerance for any violations of the site rules. All violating content and user accounts will be permanently removed and disabled by us once verified.

How do we keep 51GT3.com viable while providing free services?

As our traffic increases, operating 51GT3.com has been getting more and more expensive. In order to make our free website sustainable, we make profits as the following two roles:

Race Car Broker

For drivers or teams who do not wish to take the time to deal with car selling, 51GT3.com offers a one-stop race car resale service. We photograph your car on-site, inspect it thoroughly, match you with a buyer, and eventually make arrangements for payment transactions and international shipping to close the deal. We charge 1% of the total transaction amount (?2000 minimum) as a service fee to support the development of our website.

Race Car Parts and Accessories Seller

51GT3.com helps racing teams take care of unused racing equipment and car parts to earn service fees. Racing equipment made by some of the world's best manufacturers such as Chillout Systems is also distributed on 51GT3.com to help support the website.

Special Thanks

51GT3.com has received a significant amount of support from the following teams and brands along the way of our development. We would like to express our gratitude to them.

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